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Department of Communication

The Department of Communication now offers a Master of Arts in Communication degree with concentrations in Strategic Communication Management & Creative Services Management!

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In order to participate in an internship, students must meet these requirements.

  • Junior (60+ hours) or Senior (90+ hours) in the Communication Department
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA in the Communication Department
  • Internship approval by the Department Chair

The Department Chair will approve of an internship once students provide the following:

  • Name of the organization
  • Outline of the job description
  • Objectives for the semester
  • Contact information of the employing supervisor
  • Schedule of the hours per week that students will work

This information can be gathered by talking with the internship supervisor in conjunction with the Department Chair. Once approved, students must register for COMM 3698 or 4698 as they would any other class through CougarNet.

Supervisors will be expected to outline internship objectives, determine goals, review accomplishments regularly, and complete midterm and final supervisory evaluations. If the internship is paid, then employers must clearly outline all guidelines and terms of payment PRIOR to the beginning of the internship. Columbus State University and the Communication Department are not responsible for ensuring payment or identifying paid internships; these responsibilities rest with the employer and the student.

Internships for Spring and Fall begin the first week and end the last week of the semester, totaling 15 weeks at 10 hours a week. Summer internships can start in May or June, but have to total 150 hours to receive credit. Internships are graded on a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory basis (these ratings do not impact GPA). These grades are determined by the employer's evaluation form and the required student documentation. The evaluation form and the student's assignments are due no later than the last day of class during the enrolled semester.


Once you are committed to your internship, it is important to always remember that you are representing Columbus State University and the Communication Department. Professionalism is always expected and required.


When you complete an internship through the Communication Department, you gain so much more than course credit. We work closely with many organizations and outreach programs in our community. Internships related to media, public relations, and general communication studies are all available. Through our Non-Profit and Civic Engagement center (NPACE), we have the ability to offer a wide range of communication services. Students utilize the Center for their internships and volunteer work by creating talk shows, shooting and editing video footage, creating radio broadcasts, writing press materials, and holding conferences and meetings. We encourage you to read our intern blog to see the wide range of internship possibilities that connect our department with the surrounding community.


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