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Department of Communication

The Department of Communication now offers a Master of Arts in Communication degree with concentrations in Strategic Communication Management & Creative Services Management!

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Featured Projects

Muscogee County School District “Active Shooter” Video:

In the spring of April of 2013, the Muscogee County School District completed an exhaustive risk assessment study on the likelihood of their schools having to prepare for an active shooter scenario akin to the tragedies in Newtown, CT and Blacksburg, VA. What they discovered was that with proper training, the severity of such an event could be minimized through sound emergency preparedness and training of faculty and students.

Upon completion of the study, the Muscogee County School District approached NPACE about developing a training video which could be used to train its faculty, staff, and students for the unfortunately possibility of such an occurrence. In conjunction with the faculty, staff and students of the Department of Communication developed a script, filmed, and produced a training video that carried the support of the school board and was premiered in December of 2013 on Columbus State University’s RiverPark Campus.

The Muscogee County School District is now providing the training video to other school districts in Georgia and Alabama that do not have the resources to develop such a video on their own. In this case, we see how the work of the NPACE Center is serving a much larger community than its local region. Feel free to take a look at the video below:

Boys and Girls Club of America “75 Blue Doors” Event:

In the fall of 2013, the Boys and Girls Club of Chattahoochee approached the Department of Communication about developing a comprehensive plan and providing support to put on a year-long event that promoted the club in its celebration of 75 years of work in the region. NPACE paired the Boys and Girls Club staff with Dr. Chris McCollough’s COMM 4142: Public Relations Campaigns course. Over the course of the fall semester, a student intern and the COMM 4142 class worked with the Boys and Girls Club in creating an event and working to garner media attention for the event.

The event helps provide greater exposure for the club and for the event itself. The project provided a means for Dr. McCollough to build an on-going partnership between the Boys and Girls Club and the College of the Arts, which will be leading to a “75 Doors” exhibit in the Lake Bottom region of Columbus during Artbeat 2014.

Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens:

During the summer of 2013, the staff at Callaway Gardens approached the Department of Communication and the NPACE Center about providing a student perspective in the development of marketing for annual Steeplechase, held every fall at Callaway Gardens. In addition, they wanted to get the active military and their families out to the event. Proceeds from the Steeplechase event go towards promoting the arts in the Chattahoochee Valley Region. Given the Department of Communication’s close relationship with the Arts in the region, getting involved was an easy decision.

The opportunities that this event created for communication students were exceptional. Brandon Lashley, a junior in the Department of Communication, took on a semester long internship and served as a liaison among Steeplechase, CSU students, and active military members and their families throughout the semester. His experience as an active member of the student body and a retired member of the Marine Corps made Brandon an excellent student to fill this role.

In addition, a team of four engaging public relations campaigns students worked in event planning and execution to get Steeplechase’s new “Collegiate Corner” off the ground, growing attendance numbers by 40% in the first year of the program from past iterations.

The students are continuing their project work during Spring 2014 as part of their Public Relations Management course in an effort to aid Callaway Gardens and Steeplechase in building partnerships with institutions outside of Columbus State University that will build stronger attendance for fall 2014.

Artbeat 2013:

An annual component of the work of the NPACE Center is to support the annual Artbeat festival that the Columbus and the College of the Arts puts on every March, Artbeat. Since its inception in 2011 with “Arts in the Street,” the College of the Arts in conjunction with local arts-based civic organization, Broadway in uptown Columbus has been a hub for arts exhibits. The event itself has branched out to local arts venues and community centers around Columbus.

Whether it be through media production, archiving, or broadcast promotion, the NPACE Center continues to provide support in promoting the Artbeat festival on behalf of several of our community partners who promote the arts and arts education in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Friday Night Sports Focus:

In the fall of 2012, PMB Broadcasting opened its doors and provided on-site technology to enable the NPACE Center to go live with radio broadcasting on any theme our students and faculty could creatively produce. Josh Pate, one of our entrepreneurial communication majors, came forward with the idea to produce a weekly sports show that filled a niche market in the region that provided score reporting and commentary akin to Paul Finebaum’s daily programming on SEC Football called Friday Night Football Focus.

With the support of PMB Broadcasting (currently airing on 99.7 FM, locally and streaming on the web [embed streaming link here]) and the logistical access and support of the Muscogee County School District, Friday Night Football Focus was up and running by October of 2012, and has since grown into a year-round model of programming that covers all high school and college sports in the region. It is now becoming a vehicle for all-platform sports coverage in the region, branching out to social media and we will soon be providing content for our Columbus State University student media partner, CSUTV.